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Enduramaxx sprayer 95 litre with 1.2m versatile boom - Kill frost - Spray on Ice melting product
Enduramaxx sprayer 95 litre with 1.2m versatile boom - Kill frost - Spray on Ice melting product

 95 litre sprayer fitted with 8.3 litre/min  pump and 1.2m versatile boom which sprays up to 5m which allows you to cover a large area in a short time! Enduramaxx sprayer, pump and boom are excellent quality products and fantastic value for money, this offers you a cheaper option to deal with the winter problem of snow and ice.   

Kilfrost Liquid Melt is a composite mixture of a low-hazard and fully biodegradable de-icing chemicals that offers rapid and clean de-icing without the corrosion usually associated with rock salt. This user guide has been prepared to advise you when and how to use Liquid Melt to ensure optimum performance.

Liquid Melt has been developed to be used in cold weather conditions to remove ground frost/ice that has already formed (de-icing) so as to leave a non-slip surface that is safe to walk upon.  As with all chemical de-icers, the quantity used will be subject to a wide range of variables including ambient temperature, surface type/condition and severity of weather (frost, snow, freezing rain, etc.). For example, it will require a greater quantity of chemical and take longer to melt thick ice or snow than that to remove light frost. Suggested application rates are as follows: Coverage rates per M2 Product De-icing 0 to -5 Frost/light ice De-icing -5 to -10 Compacted snow Liquid 25ml/M2 50ml/M2

Sprayer and boom doesn't include the sale of kill frost however we can supply contact details for you to buy the liquid to put in your sprayer.

If you would like the sprayer and boom fitting to your ATV, there will be a fitting charge of; £35, however buy two or more items from our winter equipment range and fitting/build up is FREE!

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