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Camoplast Tracks - ATV tracks - UTV Tracks
Camoplast Tracks - ATV tracks - UTV Tracks


The 4-seasons solution for ATV

Camoplast tracks are perfect for use on rough and soft moorland where travelling with normal tyres is a struggle. Camoplast make a huge differnce, with their massive surface area, spreading the weight of the ATV or UTV, prevents sinking into soft mud or snow, and just gripping on the surface.

All seasons capability: Snow, mud, marsh

Easy steering front radius track shape and carriage

Increased vehicle stability while inreasing ground clearance

Drive sprockets matched to engine displacement

Kits for most popular ATVs 300cc and up

Front Flextrack technology

New lug profile design and height increased to 1"

11% increase in traction

Improved transverse riding

Less vibration

Advanced design with multiple benefits

Radius track shape with reduced steering effort

Driver comfort

Significant reduction of splatter and build-up compared to any other track

NEW wheel design

New elastomer outer band

Icing free

Increased durability

Width increased to 20 mm

Improved weight distribution on track

Increased reliability

Ring for more details on: 01200 441247 or email; sales@kikquads.co.uk

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