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The many uses of quad bikes

Quad bikes are amongst the most versatile vehicles in the world – able to perform in seemingly all conditions and environments. Generally used for off road ventures, the four wheeled vehicles are extremely lightweight, making them highly manoeuvrable and responsive under the most testing of conditions.

Quad bike rules and regs

If quad bikes are to be taken on to public roads, it is important that the vehicle has been typed approved to ensure that environmental and safety standards have been complied with. There are three organisations that can provide this:

UK Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval Scheme (MSVA)

UK National Type Approval (Small Series)

European Whole Vehicle Type Approval system (ECWVTA)

Once this approval has been gained, (many manufacturers now supply their vehicles with this already), the vehicle will also need to be taxed and registered with the DVLA. All riders of a road legal quad bike will also need to possess a valid, B1 driving license.

If the vehicle is only to be used for agricultural purposes, it must be registered as such.

There are two categories of quad bike, L6e which is limited to a maximum speed of 45kph, and 350 kilograms in weight, and L7e where the weight restriction should not exceed 400 kgs, or 550 kgs for those designed to carry goods.

Quad bikes for agriculture

The biggest area where quad bikes are so useful is within the farming community. With speeds of around 30mph, and impressive pulling weights, they can be turned to any job of all sizes and speciality.

However, it is in their sharp turning abilities where their real value comes to the fore.

Thanks to this, sheep farmers find them extremely useful for herding, particularly in large expanses or where there is considerable distance between paddocks. They are also ideal as a quick response in emergency situations and for removing blockages, such as fallen trees in confined areas.

A great addition to any working garage, many game keepers, park wardens and even life guards patrolling the beaches of the UK find them extremely beneficial.

Quad bikes for fun

Over recent years, quad bikes have become popular as a recreational vehicle, mainly due to their ease of operation, quick cornering abilities and comparative fast speeds for their size.

Whilst great fun, it is these same attractions which can make them dangerous . Their manoeuvrability can easily dismount novice drivers, causing damage to them and their machine so should only be enjoyed in safe areas, where their use has been permitted by the landowner.

Safety should be taken seriously at all times too, so the operator of the vehicles should make provision for this. In addition, adequate equipment such as boots, gloves, goggles and helmets, and possibly, body armour should be worn at all times.

When buying quad bikes, be sure to use a professional supplier who can provide the perfect machine tailored to the task in hand with stocks from all leading manufacturers. If they can carry out all servicing and maintenance work too, this will help ensure you get the very best from these versatile machines.

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