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Cheap Quad Bikes

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Quad bikes: tough and reliable - for work, sport, and fun

More and more people are discovering just what makes a quad bike so unique: whether it be the all-conquering strength and power of a work model; the sharp, elegant control of a race model; or the pure thrill and enjoyment of a leisure model. In the world of quad bikes, there literally is something for everyone.Today’s quad bikes: modern features for the modern rider

With modern quality quad bikes, the emphasis is firmly on maximising rider experience. Features such as four-wheel drive, automatic gear change, and ergonomic seating are regularly found amongst the rich array of specifications of modern quad bikes.

Whether a beginner or a more experienced user, modern quad bike riding amounts to an intuitive and liberating riding experience.

High quality cheap quad bikes: a rare find

The quad bike is an expertly constructed and precision engineered showcase of modern machinery. Also known as al-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and occasionally as utility task vehicles (UTVs), quad bikes have a distinguished history as specialist vehicles, suitable for business, sport and premium leisure purposes.

For all these reasons quad bikes have traditionally tended to be on the expensive side; accessible only to those with considerable disposable funds.

Poor quality cheap quad bikes: to be avoided at all costs

When looking for cheap quad bikes it can sometimes be tempting to seek out vehicles made to poor – and potentially unsafe – standards; or to invest in very old or feebly maintained second-hand models, the usability of which is often compromised by either overly-complex or unreliable operational systems.

As well as proving highly disappointing from a user perspective, such vehicles can also be extremely dangerous to ride, and should be avoided at all costs.

KIK ATVs: the experts in providing premium quality cheap quad bikes

The good news is that at KIK ATVs, we have become established among both professional and amateur quad bike users as the top supplier of cheap quad bikes of the highest quality.

We have achieved this proud accolade through the buying power we jealously guard as a leading supplier of quad bikes throughout the UK.

We are also acknowledged experts in mechanics and engineering for all types of quad bike, be they industrial or agricultural, sport, or leisure models; and we therefore take care in ensuring that all our value rate second-hand models are reconditioned and checked to meet the same exacting standards as our new models.

With our wide range of quality new and second-hand quad bikes available at such affordable rates, many people choose us as their first call when making purchases not only for their professional or business needs, but also when looking for a dream birthday or Christmas gift for someone special.

At KIK ATVs we will be happy to advise on the most appropriate cheap quad bikes for your needs; and can also offer you great value deals on any parts and accessories.


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