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Utility Quad

A utility quad is suitable for playing many different roles. It can help make the life of a farmer a great deal easier in regards to tending livestock by delivering food, and at the same time it comes in handy for grounds men, or anyone with large plots of land to look after. There are numerous makes and models of quad bikes for utility use, with some of the most popular coming from the Honda Fourtrax range.

A utility quad bike can be used with numerous attachments, any of which are suitable for day-to-day use. For instance, if you hook up a sprayer to the ATV, it can be used both for watering greenery and crops, and also pest control. As quad bikes are able to reach regions where larger vehicles such as tractors cannot, this makes them the ideal choice for anyone who tends to crops. A quad bike in the utility range can be fitted with a trailer, which is also useful in many different ways.

There are different types of trailer, from those you can attach to a utility quad to those that can be fitted to a quad or other vehicle, and which are able to transport a quad bike from one place to another.

The utility quad bike comes into its own for grounds men, as they can attach such equipment as a rotary mower to quickly and easily mow large spans of grass. This can also come in handy for those homeowners lucky enough to own large gardens. Another use for an ATV is a snow plough attachment. This type of attachment is great for quickly and easily removing snow from areas such as pathways and roads. Another accessory for a utility quad is the salt/fertilizer sower, which is ideal for smaller holdings thanks to its 300kg capacity.

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