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Race ATV Options

Racing quad bikes is very popular in the UK and when you first take it up, all the choices can feel quite bewildering. There are numerous brands and makes of quad bikes, then there are all the accessories to consider, repairs and servicing of a race ATV.

There is even a wide range of race ATV bikes for children and of course there are plenty to choose from in the adult category. For children, one of the top of the range, popular makes is Honda. The most popular models are so popular because they not only looks great but they also provide excellent performance. Other choices to consider in regards to racing quad bikes include models such as the Cobra ECX 50, which have been designed specifically with racing in mind. No one can forget the Honda range of race ATVs, including the TRX450R and the Sportrax.

When considering a race ATV, there is always the question of whether to buy new or second hand and there are pros and cons to each. A second hand model may be purchased much more cheaply, and there are many ways to spruce it up and make it stand out. For instance, new handle bars are popular, a titanium exhaust system or slip-ons could be added, and maybe even seat covers. By choosing to purchase a secondhand quad and customise it, it's still possible to spend less than if you bought a brand new race ATV.

Race ATVs are put through a lot during their lifetime and one essential point in helping them last is regular and thorough servicing. To continue getting the best out of any quad bike used for racing, home maintenance should be a regular chore (or pleasure) and regular professional servicing is advisable. Here at KIK Quads, we provide all the above to help keep you and your race ATV on the track among the winners.

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