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Quad Service

The average quad bike has to go through a lot. It may be used for farming and this often means travelling rough hillsides day in and day out. It may be a racing quad that is taken racing over some of the most extreme terrains. Or a quad may be used for recreational purposes and be taken through mud and through woodland on a daily basis. It is important to keep a check on the workings of your machine if you want to get the most out of it and remain safe so you should ensure that you have quad service when your ATV is ready for it.

A professional quad service will ensure you get many years from your machine and regular maintenance will help ensure you remain safe, however you choose to use your quad bike. When considering the maintenance of your ATV you should choose a reliable company to look after your machine. Here at KIK Quads, we offer a full or basic quad service to keep your quad in tip top shape. We are also an unauthorized Honda dealer and have fully qualified technicians who can carry out any work on your ATV, from servicing to repairing and rebuilding the engine. In between each quad service, you can also help ensure your quad remains in good condition by keeping it clean and well oiled.

Along with offering a fast quad service, we supply one of quality and have a wide range of genuine service parts for Honda quad bikes. If you want your quad bike customizing we provide that too by fitting any aftermarket parts you require.

Keeping your ATV like new can help to extend the life of any quad bike and get great performance from it whether it is used around the farm with a trailer, taken to shows or races or used purely for recreation.

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