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Logic Trailer

The XT Road Legal Logic Trailer is a very useful asset, whether looking for a trailer to carry your farm quad on the road from one field to another, or if you want to haul your race quad to the race track. Thanks to its large load area you will wonder how you ever managed without it, as you can safely and easily transport any quad bike securely and safely.

Getting a quad bike on-board the Logic Trailer could not be easier thanks to the low sides, which have maximum configurability. As one might expect from a Logic product, its construction is strong and the trailer benefits from having a hot dipped galvanized body. The trailer features, when in the standard construction, include a high quality resin coated ply floor, but if required there is the option to have an alloy tread plate floor fitted. For extra safety, the trailer comes with bead lock wheel trims and swivel tow hitches.

One of the advantages of the Logic Trailer is that it is able to transport an ATV on the road. It is also an asset to have around the farm and is perfect in this application. The trailer is widely used in farming thanks to the extra capacity of its design, which is robust. It also offers a high work rate and will be useful in any farming environment, whether small or large.

The XT Road Legal Logic Trailer is not only suitable for carrying an ATV from one place to another. Farmers use it for carrying anything from feed for livestock to tools and fencing. While it is aimed at on road use, it can also go off-road. Thanks to the unique design, it is suitable for carrying all items on public roads, with many extra options for headboards, tailgate and sides.

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